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by Jan Lamprecht. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian Gravity Revisited. CHAPTER . by Jan Lamprecht. from HollowPlanets Website. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian. Videos. Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs, Germans in Antarctica; Vietnam · History Science Videos · Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs.

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Thus holkow works everywhere except there. Lytton’s story is so amazing that I can’t believe that UFOlogists haven’t dug into it in detail. I can’t see how anyone can think otherwise once you’ve gone through the data. There’s something which I think you might lammprecht have come across and that is the series of books written by Don Wilson.

If only one object was Hollow, then it would stand out like a sore thumb.

Then I began to realise that there are some anomalies which would make sense. This brings us to the formation of the Earth. Wouldn’t it be more lsmprecht, during the formation of the earth for heavy substances like Gold, Uranium, Lead to have been in the core instead of iron?

Yet, even such an impact would have almost no effect on life on the Inside. I have many lamprfcht for rejecting this idea. A place where sufficient uranium occurred naturally to kick off a nuclear explosion. Comets and asteroids are becoming less. Surely there should be MORE particles arriving from the sun at other places on the Earth than at the poles – which are so oblique.


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The Earth’s motion through space is not perfectly constant. In short, I pose this question: If such a planet had been solid then shattering would not likely occur. But we just don’t recognise it?

How can two teams, crossing the Antarctic, manage to meet at one point? Proximity to the magnetic poles is the current explanation.

The Aurora chops and changes and to a certain extent moves and behaves in sympathy with the Earth’s magnetic field and the emissions from the central Sun. Most people, including myself, just can not believe that it could possibly have been missed – or was it?

That was really the death knell of the whole idea. The significance of it will not have struck either you or Lew or most of the others at that time. Well, this is where I can point to a most “bizarre” connection with that book “My contact with Flying Saucers”. The idea that currents in the core could create a magnetic field. I expect to see more contact with our Brothers and Sisters from the Inner Surface in the real near future.

Although Jeff rejected the idea of the Earth being hollow, he actually accepts the Soviet proposal that the Moon may be Hollow – even he admits that the edvidence for there being a Hollow Moon is very strong.

There really are a lot of issues to look at. When your compass behaves normally you then carry on with your journey. In it he answers a reader’s question and states that as far as Tibetans are concerned, the Earth is Hollow and there are people living inside. As a substance is heated, so it loses its magnetism – of course that’s not quite an appropriate argument here.

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Jan Lamprecht – Interest in the Hollow Earth

Or is it that fish from the Inner earth – where the people do not fish as much as we do – spill over and swim out of the holes?

IOW, some magma in the core must be a lot hotter than the other. The moment the central Sun moved even a little to one side, gravity from the closest side would draw it to the wall and the central Sun would crash into the side.

My original interest in the Hollow Earth was sparked back in the late ‘s while I was studying the books and prophecies of T Lobsang Rampa. No big coverup is needed because people are already looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.

And for well over 10 years I was happy to let it rest. Moon of Saturn 7. I have done some basic calculations and a central Sun of 28 miles in diameter would present the same size in the sky as our Sun does.

But even if we do have these currents, I still don’t see how magnetism is generated. I never expected this.

The atmosphere flows in as well. And so I am prepared to consider that some races do have little underground villages in which they live and come out from – from time to time.

Did you see that ZIP file of photos?

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