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So when [GreatScott] rebuilt his recent DIY coil gun with discrete logic, mechanism for a small coil gun, and as such he chose an Arduino to. How to Make a Coilgun. When you hear the word coilgun, you might imagine a futuristic weapon that shoots electricity or coils, but these experimental devices. A coil-gun uses a magnetic field to accelerate a bullet up to projectile speed. Jason’s uses a bank of recycled rechargeable laptop batteries to.

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Place the cores on the bobbin and tape that in place with transformer tape as shown in Figure 5-G. Ok, I am waiting for your blogpost when you do it with an Intel Curie.

All inductance measurements were taken with the iron cores in place. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Cover each layer of 50 turns with electrical tape to secure in place and then wind the next layer on top. There is possible ways to get clever and design a WTF circuit I think. Set your multimeter to measure DC and then clip the leads to the capacitor bank terminals.

How do I make the cast out of plywood coilgu that in the illustration, if it would come out as a 2D figure? This guy loves to teach. Why must you be so toxic?

DIY Coil Gun Redux: Life Really is Easier with Arduino

When the core of the transformer saturates, the induced base voltage goes to zero and turns the transistor off. I have no idea what the transistor specs are, since there is no writing. The completed circuit board with control panel attached is shown in Figure 7. The inverter section of the circuit produces a high frequency, high voltage using an oscillator configuration consisting of transformer T1 being switched on and off by transistor Q1.

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When the gun is completed, it will be calibrated and fired. For the di, you most likely will have to remove the plunger and outer casing, so it looks like this:. Start winding the coil one inch from the end of the tube.

Electromagnetic Coil Gun Project

Use two plastic or cardboard discs glued to each end of the barrel on both sides of the coil to add support. Do Arduinos have flaws? Always short out the capacitor bank when working with it or the circuit. Another coil gunsite www. More advanced coil gun designs incorporate a number of accelerator coils switched in sequence as the projectile moves down the barrel.

If you want to design the whole thing with something else, do it and post a video on youtube yourself.

Attach the other end of one of these wires to one end of the coil’s wires. A capacitor bank configured for higher capacitance and higher voltage can be used, but be sure to replace the SCR with one that can handle the increased voltage and amperage.

When you hear the word coilgun, you might imagine a futuristic weapon that shoots electricity or coils, but these experimental devices actually use electromagnets to launch projectiles. You can play with that. Did you try these steps?

Dr. Monk’s DIY Electronics Blog: DIY Coilgun

Take it out and don’t touch any metal parts especially the two ends of the capacitor. Solder the other end of the primary winding wire to post number 3. The Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier is an interesting device that was named after Douglas Cockcroft and Coilguun Walton. Cut three pieces of electrical tape to a size that is slightly bigger than doilgun end of each of the three legs of one of the cores and then stick them on.

Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss. The side panels and covers are shown in Figure A coil gun typically consists of a coil s of copper wire similar to a solenoida capacitor bank, a transformer, a DC power source, a method of releasing the energy in the capacitors through the coil, and a projectile.

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Next, extract the capacitor from the camera circuit and place it aside for later. When fire switch S3 is closed, voltage is applied to the gate of the SCR, switching it on and dumping the charge across the capacitor bank into the accelerator coil L1.

The adjustable breech is ideal for experimentation with different types and initial positions of projectiles. Do not stand near it while shooting it. In this article, I’ll show you how to build a coil gun.

Use two position terminal blocks on the board where the capacitor bank, battery pack, fire switch, and accelerator coil are connected. The gauss pistol www. Why did they use a microcontroller? Transformer parts can be salvaged from an energy saver compact fluorescent bulb. But you end up designing a folded back on itself oddity that is very difficult to understand and add to, and is highly intolerant of part substitutions.

The doubler cascade is sometimes also referred to as the Greinacher multiplier. Find a sort of button in the middle of the flash circuit. Wind turns of 20 AWG magnet wire, in six layers of 50 turns each. Put the battery you took out in the previous step back where it was. Solder the other end of the secondary winding to post number 8 as shown in Figure 5-E. When power is applied to coilgkn circuit by switch S1, resistor R2 initiates transistor Q1 to turn on and conduct a current of 12 volts DC through the primary ciolgun 10 turns of the transformer.

Locate the ferrite core transformer and unsolder it from the PCB printed circuit board.